Friday, 17 October 2014

The Skills of Randon James Morris

Randon James Morris, Randon Morris, attended Mesa Community College and obtained his Associate Degree from there. After obtaining his Associate Degree in 1994, he went to Arizona State University and pursued B.A. in Accounting. By the time he graduated he was fully polished to become the man that he has become today.

Randon James Morris can easily be called as a man who puts his heart into the things that he does. When he begins working on something, he does not stop till he has achieved it. He has excellent communication skills and his ability to adapt to any business environment is marvelous. He is comfortable in any business setting to discuss personal and business matters. Randon’s all rounded nature has allowed others to enjoy working with him. His ability to work on his own and with others is a praise-worthy feature because not everyone can pull this off.

Randon James Morris has a strong background in sales and has a strong grasp on advertising, both online and print. He took classes from a well acknowledged sales guru in the market, Bob Schultz. He has even held his own personal Real Estate License while he was in Arizona. He has managed numerous programmers and various designers on different projects. Randon is Mac and PC proficient. He is familiar with QuickBooks and has professional skills when it comes to working with Excel and Word. He is keen on working with computer programs and has even participated in the formation of a custom software for both CRM and Mobile Home industries.

Randon James Morris has a firm grasp in financial statements and in records. He is well trained in establishing and forming budgets with adherence. His skills and experience allow him to make firm and calm decisions when he is under pressure and environments that have a deadline that needs to be met. He feels that he is an avid reader of world occasions and he is well versed in various different industries and topics. He is a natural worker and problem solver who is always making observations of the little things around him in the business world and how he can avail different opportunities. His skills have allowed him to easily focus on different issues in his work and solve them with ease. He is an excellent worker who knows what to do when it comes to business. 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Facts about Randon James Morris

Randon James Morris was born in Orlando, Florida. Who knew this man would grow up to become a worldwide sensation and be recognized among children and elderly both? He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from the years 1990 to 1992. While he was attending Mesa Community College, he started working for the MFE Accounting Firm in the year 1992 and worked there till 1994. 

His career progressed in many ways. He was appointed as the president of the US Sport LLC Company. This company sold whey protein in China. Randon James Morris takes active part in the LDS Church of Utah along with running his own concrete construction company in Arizona under the name of the Concrete Connoisseurs LLC. He also carried on a real estate business in Arizona 

The great success of Randon James Morris also came to him because of his contribution to the formation of an excellent idea for the design of Acai Chew which are a health chew that have Acai in them. Apart from helping in designing the layout of the Chew, he also ran a very successful supplement company online for four years. The company reached over 200,000 customers in that time period. 

Randon Morris partnered up with the NBA Basketball players to help him advertise his product “Slim It” among the people of China and attract a Chinese audience. The products that he sold in China were shipped from the United States of America and were partnered with the players on the NBA basketball team to market in China. He is an intelligent man who is always willing to try out something new and add a new aspect to his resume. The hardworking man is well known all around the world for his good nature, dedicated attitude, and will power to work through different difficulties that come his way!